Are you doing everything you can to retain your talent?
Learn how to turn team meetings into opportunities for connection, TRUST building & belonging.
Conversations that matter
Manager Conversation Series
Download the Pilot Episode of our 12-Episode Series and get step-by-step instructions on how to hold meaningful, trust building conversations with your team.
Manager Conversation Guide
As a manager, you are responsible for creating the climate in your team that retains talent. But a little help to do that goes a long way.
Introduction and overview of the session, lead by an Inspired Leadership facilitator.
Video Overview
Editable slides to accompany the notes that can be used on a digital platform or face to face
Supportive Slides
This tells you what to say, includes questions for discussion and any pre-email text!
Pdf read-along guide
You will get a "facilitator in your pocket" guide, that contains:
What’s inside the download?
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Research and Development Manager
I am generally so focused on what we need to do, that I forget to connect with my team on a more human-level. I have started and then stopped and been distracted by more urgent things. The monthly email and easy-to-use resources keeps me on my toes to be the manager I want to be!
Technical Team Manager
I need all the help I can get to retain the technical talent in my team. Having these types of conversations isn't easy for me, and the step-by-step guide and supportive slides makes a HUGE difference!
Managers are using the Conversation Guides to create a culture of connection, trust and inclusion in their teams.
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